SOLOLINE epoxy phenolic protective primer
A two-component  epoxy phenolic primer.

SOLOLINE epoxy phenolic high build coating
High build two component epoxy phenolic.

SOLOLINE chemical resistant coating
A chemical resistant coating based on special two component resins.

SOLODUR up corrosion resistant lining
A two component lining based on special resin designed to resist extreme corrosive environments, acidic or alkaline.

SOLOLINE hydrophobic polyurethane elastomer
Is a two-component, highly cross-linked 100% solids non-porous, translucent, polyurethane elastomer coating. It is designed for protecting surfaces subject to abrasion in aqueous solutions or environments, including water, salt water, various slurry systems, and numerous acid and base solutions. It is equally effective under dry abrasive and/or corrosive environments. It is available in Spray Grade or Roller Grade versions.