SOLOSEAL acrylic penetrating sealer
It is a solvent based special acrylic penetrating sealer which gives excellent surface for subsequent coats.

SOLOSEAL acrylic sealer
A high quality binder sealing agent based on an acrylic dispersion.

SOLOSEAL plastic binder
A high quality binder/ sealing agent.

Sanding Sealer
A quick drying, easily sandable wood filler and sealer based on synthetic resin.


SOLOHIDE emulsion paint
Is a high quality, excellent hiding decorative emulsion paint based on special acrylic co-polymer.

SOLO-ONE emulsion paint
A top quality water thinnable decorative and protective emulsion.

SOLOCRYL acrylic emulsion paint
Is a top quality, decorative and protective emulsion paint based on a special  highly durable acrylic dispersion.

SOLOSAT satin finish emulsion
It is a modern, satin finish quality decorative emulsion paint based on special water thinnable dispersion polymer.


SOLO-COAT triple mode resistance anti-fungus coating 
A top quality, emulsion paint with excellent resistance to fungal growth. the protection against fungus is in three deferent modes of action ( inedible polymer, enzyme destructive pigmentation and inhibitor additives ).

SOLOVIN satin emulsion finish
It is a modern, washable satin finish quality decorative vinyl emulsion paint with enhanced bacterial and fungus resistance.

SOLOSILK urethane finish

SOLOSPRAY flat spray emulsion
It is a modern, high quality decorative flat sprayable dispersion coating based on special water thinnable polymer, with outstanding properties.


A water based, acrylic putty and block filler.